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2nd International Conference 

Social, economic, and academic leadership for the future sustainable development of business and education

18th-19th of June 2018, Prague (Czech Republic)

The 2nd International Conference aims at bringing together researchers and stakeholders from the fields of business, economics, education, social sciences, psychology and behavioral sciences, pedagogy and linguistics, as well as policy-makers responsible for the creation and maintenance of the sets of rules for the future sustainable development of business and education.

The conference will offer a wide range of keynote speeches, oral presentations and poster presentations, as well as roundtables and workshops.

The conference is comprised of 6 main Tracks:

  • Leadership as a psychological and cultural phenomenon
  • Leadership in social practice
  • Leadership in business and economics
  • Leadership in higher education
  • Leadership, energy, and sustainable growth
  • Leadership and global security

Conference organizer: Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement

Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement (PRIZK) is a private, for-profit educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic ( It is entitled to run certified courses (level 5) for teachers and lecturers.

PRIZK was established in 2015 and since then it organized more than 30 qualification enhancement programmes and traineeships educating more than 500 lecturers, professors, researchers and students from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia and Russian Federation. Apart from schooling and educational activities, it organizes international conferences, acts as a publishing house, and as an independent think-tank and consultancy.


Contact person: Professor Wadim Strielkowski, managing director of the Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement,